Tuesday, November 15, 2022


Create a cozy home with Evergreen Essence

  • Diffuse this favorite on its own or with Tangerine, Cinnamon Bark or Lavender.
  • Drop onto porous holiday decor to create a passive diffuser.
  • Mix with filtered water and a splash of witch hazel to create a festive room spray! You can also keep fresh greenery looking spiffy by spraying it with this same combination.
  • Make Scented Pinecone Fire Starters for your cozy winter home
    • Yarn or twine
    • Large, foraged pinecones from the yard
    • Thieves Household Cleaner
    • Evergreen Essence
    • Collect pine cones and lightly spritz them with diluted Thieves Household Cleaner to get rid of any unwanted pests. Allow to dry overnight.
    • Wrap twine or yarn around the pinecones, all the way into the center weaving between the individual scales. You can use festive, colorful yarn for a fun twist or neutral yarn or twine.
    • Drop 5 drops of essential oil onto the yarn/twine of each pinecone. Place in a basket beside the fireplace and add a few to the fire whenever you build one.
  • Make an artificial holiday tree smell like the real thing with these simple hacks:
    • Add to reed diffuser sticks and place in your tree
    • Make a simple DIY Tree & Garland Spray and spritz on greenery as desired. To a 2oz glass spray bottle add
      • 35 drops Evergreen Essence
      • Splash witch hazel
      • Fill with filtered water
  • Use in DIY cleaning products for a fresh, sparkling home.
  • Add 20 drops to Thieves Cleaner (option to add 20 drops of Lemon as well)
  • Make a DIY Wood Polish
    • 1 cup olive oil)
    • 5 drops Evergreen Essence essential oil
    • 5 drops Lemon essential oil
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