Thursday, November 10, 2022

Winter wellness faves AND FRANKINCENSE are here for FREE!!!! With free gifts to help us stay healthy, keep our digestion humming, and help us stock up for the upcoming winter… YL is helping us cover all the basics!
Every month, Young Living loads us up with free items simply for being loyal customers. We purchase items we’d be buying anyway - toothpaste, lotion, shampoo, makeup, supplements and cleaning supplies, etc - from Young Living, and we not only get amazing, high quality products that are safe for our families, but we get free products, delivered to our doorstep and product credits galore! I am ALL about boxes of safe, effective, and healthy products showing up in my mailbox with fun freebies inside! 📦 🎉
Make sure that you are ordering the very best way, which is through Loyalty Rewards! This is our monthly wellness box subscription program, and it ROCKS! 
Check out all of the graphics below for details on this months FREE gifts and how to get yours. 


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