Friday, November 11, 2022

In December we're inviting you to join us for a special but very simple Winter Wonderland Diffuser Challenge to invest in the well-being of your home during this busy season! This is so easy!!!

Simply diffuse Evergreen Essence every day in your home.

That's it. There's no more to it. Head to your diffuser of choice, put in your drops, add some water, hit start, and give your family and anyone else who enters your home the incredible benefits of this beneficial oil! We will also have fun giveaways, recipes, mental health tips, videos, and more in our Facebook group as we exhale and wrap up our year strong. Watch for more details at the end of this month!

Why do you need to know this today? Because Evergreen Essence is available now exclusively on Loyalty Rewards for the month of November!!!

If you are already on our amazing Loyalty program, simply add Evergreen Essence to your order today and get that order processed so you'll have it before December 1st! If you aren't getting all the benefits of our Loyalty program simply start today by adding Evergreen Essence to your first Loyalty order! WAIT. It gets better.

Evergreen Essence contains multiple varieties of Pine essential oil, which are wonderful for immune support. It is a blend full of conifer oils, all of which contain alpha-pinene, a constituent that helps the mind and body reach a calming, peaceful environment. Tree oils can be a wonderful tool for processing feelings of Unimportant, Un-nurtured or Disempowered. The Spruce and Evergreen family of oils are the ones to reach for when you feel like you are comparing yourself to others, are feeling undervalued or as though your unique voice has no place. The alternate side to feeling unimportant is Empowerment. When we can rest secure in who we are then comparison melts away and our unique blend of magic can shine!

Grab your bottles on Loyalty Rewards and watch for details on our fun challenge with this amazing blend starting in December!


  • Item 3353 I Wholesale: $29.75 I Retail: $39.14 I PV: 29.75
  • Available only on loyalty orders
  • Loyalty Rewards points or ER points may not be used to purchase Evergreen Essence blend.
  • With no order limits, this giftable goody will go fast, so stock up now!
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